Offering a Comprehensive Suite of Billing and Payment Solutions to Optimize Revenue Assurance and Improve Citizen Engagement

Municipalities and utilities alike need a billing and payment solution that supports revenue assurance and ensures a positive experience for their citizens. First Billing provides a comprehensive suite of services to help municipalities and utilities stay better connected to the communities they serve, while also providing citizens with more options to pay their bills and other fees - both in-person and electronically.

  • Self-Service Portal

    Citizens access easy-to-use FirstChoice Self-Service Portal to manage paperless settings; view current or past billing statements; access payment history; and schedule current, future, and recurring payments.

  • Auto Payment

    Auto Payment allows citizens to set-up a reliable and secure recurring payment method which enables them to control when and how they make future payments.

  • Guest Pay

    First Billing's Guest Pay permits quick payments without requiring registration, allowing citizens to easily view their balance and make a payment.

  • Pay-by-Email

    First Billing provides a push e-Billing service which makes it easy for citizens to review their invoice summaries and make secure payments directly from their inbox.

  • Mobile

    Full mobile capabilities ensure customers can check their bills and pay on the go.

  • Text-N-Pay

    Citizens can conveniently make payments by replying to SMS text messages through their mobile devise.

  • Pay by Phone – IVR and Live Agent

    First Billing provides quick and efficient support via phone for payments and account inquiries in English and Spanish, through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - with or without an agent.

  • Kiosk

    Kiosks provide a fast, easy, and convenient way to accept payments and manage accounts in person.

  • Timely Communication

    First Billing's timely communication offers bill-ready notices and payment reminders sent via email, voice, and text to keep citizens informed, ensuring they won’t miss a payment.

  • Print and Mail

    First Billing provides a complete print and mail solution which is integrated with our EBPP platform. This encourages citizens to adopt paperless e-Billing while simultaneously providing them with printed statements.

  • Retail Lockbox

    First Billing integrates a retail lockbox solution to support mailed in payments.

  • Agent Assisted Calls

    First Billing can extend the support team for municipalities and utilities, freeing up customer service agents to focus on higher priority tasks which improves operational efficiency while improving customer satisfaction.

Municipalities and Utilities Leverage our Feature-Rich Dashboard to Optimize Customer Support

  • Real-Time Billing

    View and download real-time payments and bills.

  • Access Management

    Disable access to payment channels from high-risk accounts.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Access key metrics and user behavior analytics through back-office and business insight tools.

  • Client Management

    Provide consultation and support needed to enhance back office processes, address citizen management needs, and deliver reconciliation reporting.

  • User Management

    Assign roles and permissions for each staff member.

  • Communication

    Communicate with citizens by phone, text, and email.

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