Cutting-edge Financial Technology is a Must for Local Governments Recovering from the Pandemic

When states began issuing stay-at-home orders last March, the sudden need for fully remote municipal services initially left many local governments scrambling. Local institutions that lacked a digital presence quickly realized that they didn’t have an effective way to reach citizens for fee-based services, outside of an in-person or mail-in environment. Read more as Mark Engels, Paya's Chief Revenue Offer, discusses the importance of cutting-edge financial technology for local governments recovering from the pandemic.

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Highly Secure Billing and Payment Solutions to Optimize Citizen Engagement and Foster Revenue Assurance

First Billing Services, a Paya company, partners with government agencies and utility providers to make it easier to engage citizens digitally and to enable them to pay their bills through multiple channels. First Billing offers electronic billing presentment and payment solutions that directly integrate into customer workflows, increasing electronic payment adoption, streamlining collection cycles, and reducing friction for citizens.

Customer Experience

First Billing makes it easier to reach citizens through multiple communication channels while also providing an easy-to-use platform that offers secure and flexible billing and payment options.

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Back Office

First Billing solutions offer a rich, back office portal that promotes simple access to billing information and empowers administrators and their support staff to address citizen needs in real time.

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Highly Secure

First Billing offers a highly secure, PCI compliant SaaS based billing acceptance and presentment, providing municipalities and their citizens with encrypted and tokenized personal data protection.

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Trusted Partner

First Billing creates valuable solutions across municipality technical stacks, developing comprehensive billing and payment solutions to improve citizen engagement.

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