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Customer Experience Drives Digital Adoption

Customers desire an easy-to-use platform which provides billing and payment options. By providing a comprehensive customer experience, customers will adopt digital services that lower your costs and increase staff productivity. It is important to provide user-friendly solutions and payment and billing channels which satisfy all demographics.

  • Self-Service PortalCustomers can use our easy-to-use FirstChoice™ Self-Service Portal to manage paperless settings; view current or past billing statements; access payment history; and schedule current, future, and recurring payments.
  • Timely CommunicationTimely, bill-ready notices and payment reminders sent via voice, text, and email keep customers informed, ensuring they won’t miss a bill or forget to pay. All options are delivered by our FirstCommunications™ solution.
  • MobileMobile use continues to grow in all demographics. Mobile users expect fast and easy-to-use options to go paperless including app, browser, email, and text.
  • Text-n-PayMillennials to Boomers love our Text-N-Pay feature. Customers receive a text to view their bill and can then pay it in less than five seconds.
  • Pay-by-EmailCustomers continue to want the reliability and security of email notifications. FirstCommunications™ provides a push e-Billing service which makes it easy for your customers to review their invoice summary and make payments directly and securely from their in-box.
  • Agent Assisted CallsMore than 50% of calls received are from customers inquiring about their current payment, balance, or past payments. The average call is 3 minutes. Two of those minutes are often about payment-related topics. Allowing FBS to field that portion of the call frees up your customer service agents to focus on delivering product and service information – all of which go a long way to increasing customer satisfaction, lowering your costs, and increasing staff productivity.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)For customers not interested in speaking to someone else, IVR provides the same benefits of Agent Assisted calls handled quickly and effectively by providing real information about balances, due dates, past payments in both English and Spanish. IVR can also be leveraged as an outbound notification engine allowing you to send past due reminder calls, emails, and text messages to those late customers.
  • KioskKiosks are an inexpensive, fast, easy, and convenient method of allowing walk-in customers to make unassisted payments. Our Kiosk platform is integrated with an EBPP platform allowing any staff member to track or answer questions about a Kiosk payment.
  • Print and MailOn average, 40% of people prefer to receive a mailed statement. FBS provides a complete print and mail solution which is integrated with our EBPP platform. This encourages customers to adopt paperless e-Billing while simultaneously providing them printed statements.
  • Guest PayWe understand some customers simply want to access their balance information and make a payment. FBS Guest Pay allows customers to make a payment without registering.
  • Auto PaymentAuto Payment allows your customers to set-up a reliable and secure recurring payment method which enables them to control when and how they make future payments based on your business terms.
  • Retail LockboxFor customers who continue to mail-in their bills, First Billing integrates a Retail Lockbox solution with our EBPP platform.

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