Award-Winning Billing and Payment Solutions; One Company, One Solution, One Vendor; FirstCloud®; We provide solutions, not just software.; Our solutions adapt to your needs.; Does your provider have the right focus?

We provide next-generation solutions for all your billing and payment needs.; Your sole source provider for all your billing and payment needs.; Secure and Reliable Cloud-Based Solutions with 99.9% uptime.; We support the needs of your business beyond providing software.; The products we provide are not "one size fits all." We've designed them to be customized based on your needs.; We focus on operational points so you can focus on delivering core services to your customers.


Businesses of all types and all sizes look to First Billing to maximize the efficiency of their billing systems. Through the use of our patented technologies, customers also benefit from a safer and more secure payment process.

First Billing serves hundreds of business locations throughout the United States. Our customers can rest assured that no matter what industry they're in or what special requirements they may have, we have the expertise to provide them with the personalized billing and payment solutions they deserve.

Industries We Serve

  • Public Utilities
  • Private Utilities
  • Municipal Utility Districts
  • Government
  • Service

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