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We provide next-generation solutions for all your billing and payment needs.; Your sole source provider for all your billing and payment needs.; Secure and Reliable Cloud-Based Solutions with 99.9% uptime.; We support the needs of your business beyond providing software.; The products we provide are not "one size fits all." We've designed them to be customized based on your needs.; We focus on operational points so you can focus on delivering core services to your customers.

Back Office

Success hinges on companies having the tools they need to make decisions quickly and to enhance the overall customer service experience. Too often critical back office systems are not fully integrated into the experience or solution. At FBS, we have spent years developing “real time,” easy-to-use products and solutions to ensure the needs of the entire organization – especially the customers – are met.

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Our FirstAgent™ Portal allows you to:

  • View, download payments and bills, set-up reoccurring payments, text and pay, e-billing, and reset passwords for customers – Your Customer Service Representatives see the same information as the customer allowing quick and easy communication between your staff and the customer
  • Assign roles and permissions for each staff member enabling the administrator to control processes and information flow
  • Stop high risk customers by disabling their access to desired payment channels
  • Unlock the value of your data by providing useful reporting and data analytics for key metrics and user behavior
  • Develop Micro and Macro communications with customers by phone, text, and email for standard communications and promotional campaigns to drive digital adoption
  • Quick and accurate daily and monthly reconciliation of all payment channels reducing time and effort by your staff