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We provide next-generation solutions for all your billing and payment needs.; Your sole source provider for all your billing and payment needs.; Secure and Reliable Cloud-Based Solutions with 99.9% uptime.; We support the needs of your business beyond providing software.; The products we provide are not "one size fits all." We've designed them to be customized based on your needs.; We focus on operational points so you can focus on delivering core services to your customers.

About Us

In 2001, Heartland Regional Power was formed to service the Apartment industry. The objective was to provide industry-best Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) services to residents to pay their utilities and rent. Core to the company culture was the driving need to be the best. By building and delivering a superior software solutions product and focusing on customer service, Heartland Regional Power grew 110% each year.

Ten years later, First Billing Services (FBS) was formed to address the needs of private and public utilities industries. It also acquired Heartland Regional Power.

And when we aren't in the office...

You might find us in our Baja race car. For our Baja Race fans, follow the FBS Baja Race team at

We believe our continued growth is driven by five key values that make up our culture:

  • People Count. We put people first because at the core, it's people who drive our business and our success. This personalized approach to our employees and our customers is our most fundamental value and the key to our success.
  • Customer Service Matters. You can have the best product on the market, but without great customer service to accompany it, your company's potential decreases exponentially. We believe in providing great customer service. At the end of the day, we believe not only that great customer service creates great success, but we are also absolutely honored to represent the companies with whom we work.
  • Live the Circle of Success. Successful organizations do this, but haven't necessarily given a name to it. For FBS it's a four-step process and is the foundation for all we do: (1) set clear expectations; (2) measure progress / success; (3) make one person individually accountable; (4) reward and recognize results.
  • Do the Right Thing. Credibility is not created overnight. It's built over time by forging relationships that emphasize doing what is right and doing it with integrity. If ever in doubt, this is the question we ask ourselves, 'Is it the right thing to do?' The answer always guides our actions.
  • Relentless Pursuit of Excellence. Our philosophy is simple: we can always do better. You'll never find us resting on the laurels of our past successes. Instead, you'll see us high-five each other in passing as we set off to figure out how to make our customers even more successful.

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