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Billing Solutions

Just as your customers want convenient ways to pay their bills, they want an equally simple option to receive their bills. We provide the most options for your customers, as they can also choose a billing solution that fits best with their lifestyle. Customers can choose to receive their bills by SMS, e-billing, or mail.

Payment Solutions

Customers want convenient ways to pay their bills. We provide the most options for your customers, available 24/7. They can also choose a solution that fits best with their lifestyle. Customers can pay by way of text, web protal, mobile, online banking, IVR, and by using a live customer service agent.

Self Service Portals for Your Customer and Your Team

First Billing has developed what we believe is truly the benchmark in the industry as it relates to Self-Service Technology. FBS has created this technology to support your customers as well as your internal customer service team. By providing your customer service team the ability to see and access the exact same information and options as your customers, you are able to significantly improve customer service from many angles.

Live Customer Service

Some of your customers need the ability to speak with a live agent directly over the phone. Many of our clients are looking to reduce the number of phone calls their team handles on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and we are able to support this initiative. With our trained and customer care focus, we are able to drive customer satisfaction while reducing the time your team spends managing customer service calls.

Communications Management

Through the FBS Communications Management Solution, we are able to integrate our technology into diverse communication channels via targeted messaging. Our automated outbound messaging and communication tool was developed to support our clients who were looking for an efficient and effective way to manage interaction with their customers. You can communicate with your customers by text, email, automated voice, or a combination of all three.

Business Intelligence & Integration with your Key Systems

It is our goal to put your data “to work.” At FBS, we know that Business Intelligence drives the way you make billing, payment & customer service related decisions. Without the right data, it is very hard to make the decisions that will transform your operation and prepare you for the future. We also provide seamless integration with your customer information systems, eliminating the burden on your IT team while providing enhanced data to continue to make decisions in real-time.

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