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Business Intelligence & Integration with your Key Systems

It is our goal to put your data “to work.” At FBS, we know that Business Intelligence drives the way you make billing, payment & customer service related decisions. Without the right data, it is very hard to make the decisions that will transform your operation and prepare you for the future.

Through the years, we have learned that Billing & Payment Data and related reports will drive the decisions you make over the next five to ten years. This is why we have created the ability for your team to access numerous sets of static and custom reports to access the data that will drive your decisions in the short, mid and long term horizon.

Our Solution revolves around the ability of your staff to access this powerful data through our FIRSTAGENT portal 24/7. We have a one-stop-shop for data that is being compiled in “real-time,” whether you are looking for detailed payment summaries for the day, or a listing of any payment exceptions from the month. All of this data is compiled automatically, as our technology is fully integrated in order to provide you with real-time access.

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